helped numerous Entrepreneurs develop the skills needed to open their own companies
Steve is currently one of the top Sales Coaches in Europe. Working his way
from the ground up, has allowed him to develop his own unique perspective.
His strong coaching and mentoring abilities have been developed in such
away that he can relate to both new recruits as well as more seasoned sales
people. Steve is confident that he can teach anybody to be a top sales
person, once they are willing to put in the work. This confidence has been
earned from the thousands of Brand Ambassadors and Sales Reps he has
coached and mentored, most of whom had no previous sales experience. On
top of this, he has helped numerous Entrepreneurs develop the skills needed
to open their own companies. You can read some of their testimonials below.
Whether starting a new business or investing in someone else, Steve has
built his business in such away that he has never had to borrow a cent. He
regularly hosts and speaks at some of the largest sales and Brand
Ambassador events across Europe and was named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year
2016’ by the BrandAmbassador.Life community. See more of his
achievements below.


in France and Ireland
Steve saw the huge potential in running a Direct Marketing Business. While
direct marketing businesses like Facebook and Google were focusing on
internet marketing, he positioned Intense to focus on Face to Face, targeting
customers through B2C and B2B campaigns. Internet marketing was getting
more and more expensive and wasn’t effective for all products. Steve
believed Intense could fill this gap.
Opening in 2010, Steve was quickly able to scale the business expanding
across the whole of Ireland and eventually, France. Key to this success was
the people. Steve understood that the key to any business is the people
within, for Intense it was developing great Brand Ambassadors. Steve
believes that people buy people not products, once you can convert
customers for one client you can do it for any client. Intense currently
generates in excess of €1 Million in revenue per week across its portfolio of
clients from multiple industries.


Most recently, Steve relocated to France in order to further expand his
Intense brand and tackle a very under-served market. Initially moving to Lille,
he has now settled in Lyon. The fact he could not speak French did not deter
him, he knew he could build a direct sales business better than anyone else
in France. So, in order to counter this, he surrounded himself with people who
were comfortable speaking both French and English. As part of the move, he
also became Sales Director for Geninc, France’s fastest growing and largest
direct marketing franchise.


Born in Dublin in 1986, Steve is a self confessed millennial. Growing up, his
parents owned three book shops which allowed him his first taste of business
at a young age. Being a 10 year old security guard can be very exciting
apparently. While at school, he ran a small business project with some friends
selling bin stencilling and Christmas wreaths. It was also at this time, that he
began working on the sets of several Irish television series. Most notably, he
went on to shoot behind the scenes footage for the Oscar Award winning film,
Later, while at college studying for a degree in Communications and Public
Relations he moonlighted as Event Manager for a live music venue and
nightclub. It was on completion of this degree that Steve wanted to really
push forward in his career, however, he found himself working in retail and
delivering takeaway. This was the turning point for Steve. He realised, if he
wanted to succeed, he needed to take more control of his future.


On completing his degree in 2009, Steve was left with few options due to the
recession. Ironically, having no opportunities in the middle of a recession was
in fact, the opportunity he needed. It was a perfect storm that allowed Steve
to begin his life as an Entrepreneur, sure what had he to lose! Steve started
his entrepreneurial journey as a self-employed ‘Brand Ambassador’
competing in door to door sales. A commission based role, it allowed Steve to
develop the invaluable skills and knowledge he would later use to grow his
own business and also coach others to do the same. As Steve will say -
‘There is no better place to learn how to read people and control your
emotions then while you are getting used to taking rejection’.
Key to Steve’s success was his innate ability to network and convince the
best in the industry to mentor him. This lead to record breaking sales across
Ireland both individually and with the network of people he coached. Only 14
months after beginning his journey, Steve was ready to incorporate his own
company and Intense Marketing Ltd. was formed.