About Steve

Early Days

Steve was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1986 - so yes he is a millennial. His parents owned 3 bookshops, so he got his first taste of business at a young age. Being a book store security guard at 10 years of age is very exciting. During school he had a small business project with friends - selling bin stencilling and Christmas wreaths. Then he worked on the set of some Irish television series and movies. Most notably he shot the behind the scene footage for the Oscar Winning Once. Steve also did a stint in a call centre just before college. While completing a degree in Communications & Public Relations he also ran all the events for a nightclub. After college he wanted to really push forward in his career, but ended up working in retail and delivering takeaway. This made him want to go out on his own and take more control of his future.

Door to Door Journey

Finishing College in 2009 right in the middle of the recession in Ireland didn’t have many advantages, however less opportunities did lead Steve to become an Entrepreneur quicker. He started his entrepreneurial journey in door to door sales as a self-employed Brand Ambassador working on commission. This turned out was perfect for developing the skills to run large businesses and to learn how to coach other entrepreneurs how to do the same. There is no better place to learn how to read people and control your emotions, while getting used to taking rejection. He networked a lot and convinced the best in the industry to mentor him. This led to him breaking sales records across Ireland on an individual level and with the network of people he coached. So after 14 months he was ready to incorporate his own company.

Intense Marketing

Steve saw the huge potential in running a Direct Marketing business. While direct marketing businesses like Facebook and Google focused on the internet market, he positioned Intense to focus on Face to Face. Targeting customers through B2C and B2B campaigns. Internet marketing was getting more and more expensive, and just wasn't very effective for certain products. Intense Marketing could fill this gap, at the end of the day every business needs new customers. Opening in 2010, Steve quickly scaled the business, covering all of Ireland and now expanding across France. The key was people - recruiting and developing great Brand Ambassadors. People buy people not products - so once you can convert customers for one client you can do it for any client. Intense Marketing generates in excess of €1 million in revenue a week for its clients spread across multiple industries.

Sales Coach / Business Mentor

Steve is one of the top Sales Coaches in Europe. Not just because he is incredible at selling, but because he has coached/mentored thousands of Brand Ambassadors and sales reps, most of whom had no previous experience in sales. He's adamant he can teach anybody to be a top seller, once they are willing to put in the work. He believes sales is a skill and can be learned like any other skill. On top of this he has helped numerous Entrepreneurs develop the skills to open their own companies. (Read their testimonials here) Throughout all the companies he's founded or invested in, he hasn't had to borrow a cent - Cash is King! . He regularly hosts and speaks at some of the largest sales and Brand Ambassador events across Europe. He was named 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year by BrandAmbassador.Life community. (see more of his achievements here - this will link to list of awards).

France & Geninc

Recently Steve relocated to France to expand further Intense Marketing and tackle a very under-served market. He also took on the role of Sales Director for Geninc - France's fastest growing & largest direct marketing Franchise. He initially moved to Lille and has now settled in Lyon. Could he speak French - not at all, but he could build a direct sales business better than anyone else in France. So he initially surrounded himself with people who were bilingual.

Entrepreneurial People

Upon arriving in Lyon Intense Marketing was based out of serviced offices. However, Steve couldn't find one that was to the standard he'd expect. So he decided to create his own and Entrepreneurial People was born. Not just a co-working hub, but an energetic community for entrepreneurial people to share ideas and help each other. This high energy environment is busy, noisy and has free workshops daily. Steve regularly runs workshops himself open to anyone in the building.

What can steve do for you?

Improving Mentality
Improving Confidence
Hitting Goals
Expanding Internationally
Growing a Business
Increasing your EQ
Understanding People
How To Sell Yourself
Becoming Extremely Productive
Sales Coaching
Entrepreneurial Skills


Steve's always been at the top of his game


TFO Sales Champion Ireland


Co-Working Hub of the Year

Sales Champion Ireland


UK & Ireland New Entrepreneur of the Year


Irish Co-Working Hub of the Year


Irish Co-Working Hub of the Year

TFO Irish Entrepreneur of the Year


European Co-Working Hub of the Year


  • BA - European Entrepreneur of the year
  • BA - European Brand of the year
  • BA - European Innovator of the year
  • TFO - European Entrepreneur of the year

  • Testimonials

    It is ideal when you start setting up your company to have a a mentor who can challenge you, push you to do better and be better while still managing to make you believe in your own strengths. Stephen is a real visionary in the industry. So easy to follow.

    Delphine Boachie – MD, United Entrepreneurs, Lyon.

     Steve has taught me every single aspect you could need in running a business; from hiring employees, to ensuring the company starts off and remains extremely profitable. Nothing I have ever asked has ever been an issue for him as any challenges I have faced so has Steve and he helped me to overcome them. 

    Gerard Linnane; CEO and founder Pride Promotions and winner of New Entrepeneur of the Year 2016; Galway

    Coaches sales and Entrepreneurship in such a simple way. 

    Graham McCarthy; MD, One to One Communications, Dublin